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A request for quotation (RFQ) is a standard business process whose purpose is to invite sellers to provide price quotations along with other terms and conditions for specific products or services. ConstroBazaar has a very easy and simple interface to create requests. Buyer can search the products or services for his or her delivery location, then either shortlist the sellers or choose to get quotation from all. Buyer can decide to create a wishlist of products or services and then request for quotation either with shortlisted sellers or all sellers for selected products or services.

Buyer can request to get revised quotation if he or she is not happy with the previous quotation received from a particular seller. Buyer needs to provide minimum details like product type, delivery location, delivery dates, estimated quantity with unit, product description and end of quotation date.

ConstroBazaar will ensure that the buyer request goes to only those sellers who match the product type, delivery location, delivery quantity and delivery dates requested by buyer. The buyer will get not only the individual responses from the sellers but will get the complete analysis of all the responses on all relevant parameters. This analysis will help buyer make his buying decision, saving his time and energy, effectively resulting in lower cost.

The responses received on request for quote will be commitments from individual sellers and not from the ConstroBazaar.