Reasons why people love open floor plans


Reasons why people love open floor plans


Open floor plans are a great option for your home as they provide a larger space for your rooms.


Let us first understand the meaning of an open floor plan?


A home with an open floor layout has one or more big rooms, which are open and these rooms function as multiple rooms within a single living space. The commonest open room plan is when one big space combines the living room, kitchen and dining room in one shared space. These open floor plans work well in case of homes where the square footage is less. At times, out of necessity open floor plans are opted by people.

But, even in the case of larger space, an open floor plan gives a chance to use the available area to the maximum benefit and it integrates rooms.

Traditionally, homes were designed with a lot of separate rooms in mind- even though the rooms would be separated by three-quarters of a wall with an open passage and most often they are divided into kitchen, living room and dining room. The thought behind these separate rooms was the house looked organized, compartmentalized and attractive. Later, designers and homeowners started realizing that homes with open floor plans would give more space in the same square foot area.

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But, first let us discuss the reasons why people love open floor plans:


1. Connecting open and outdoor space:


Open Floor Plan

An open floor plan helps you to transition from home interior to outdoor spaces. You can have big size windows and glass doors. All this doesn’t only give a unique look, but also extra light enters your home. This makes it easier to connect indoor and outdoor living spaces.



2. Space for socializing:


When there is one open room it gives an opportunity to socialize more. A person who is in the kitchen cooking and cleaning can communicate with people sitting in the other room. One best thing about open floor spaces is that its best to host parties and get-togethers for friends and family. Guests can talk across space, mingle, walk easily from room to room and feel at ease; they won’t feel cramped in a room.


  3. Better resale value:



The open floor plan gives you much more than entertainment and enjoyment. It is an investment as it adds value to your home. The look and appeal of an open space home is much more – a look that can attract anyone. Thus, while you sell your home the value that you will receive will be higher.


   4. Adding flexibility:




When you are in the living room, you aren’t totally disconnected from the kitchen. The distinction between the two rooms actually blurs. With an open floor space, you have more flexibility to use the space in your home.


   5. A better option for the aging:




Its easier for people who are aging when your home has an open space plan. It requires fewer steps while moving from one room to another. Other people in the family can stay connected and keep a watch on the older members of the family. Its easier to move on a wheelchair and other mobility devices.


  6.   The home looks bigger:




When interior walls are removed and load bearing elements are repositioned, the home looks bigger and lesser constrained. You get more usable space and most floor space ever possible from the square footage when you convert your home to an open floor plan.



   7. Best for modern kitchens:




For a lot, our kitchen is the most important part of the house. The center point for many families in the kitchen. Its where the family gathers to eat, cook together and at times kids complete homework as parents are cooking. Thus, quality time is spent in the kitchen.

When the home has open floor space it gives more room for everyone to sit, stand and move around freely. There is more space available to place your refrigerator, stove, and sink. Cooking is enjoyable when there is more open space to move around. As you cook its easier to chat with your family sitting across in another room.


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