Difference Between Cement and Concrete

Difference Between Cement and Concrete

Cement is made from calcium and silica rich materials like clay and limestone. Due to its unique adhesive properties it is an excellent binding agent, but left to its own it is prone to cracking.

Concrete has cement.

Yes, its is right when cement mix is blended with water, a paste is created. When this paste is mixed with aggregates like sand and gravel the result of it is what we all know as ‘concrete’. Continue reading “Difference Between Cement and Concrete”

Using Wall Tile Adhesive For Floor Tiles

Using Wall Tile Adhesive For Floor Tiles

Tiling projects are extremely reliant on the adhesive type you use for tiling process. But, can you used wall tile adhesives while fixing floor tiles? We are sure you might be wondering about this but never asked someone. So today we decided to know the possibilities of using wall tile adhesive for floor tiles. Lets discuss if you will get similar results?

Why Tile Adhesives are important? Continue reading “Using Wall Tile Adhesive For Floor Tiles”

What Is Sand? Composition And Color Of Sand

What Is Sand

Sand is a mixture of small grains of rocks and granular materials primarily defined by size. But it is finer as compared to gravel and coarser than silt. It ranges in size from 0.06 mm to 2mm.

Sand is composed of erosion or broken pebbles and weathered rocks carried by seas or rivers. Freezing and thawing during the winter break the rock forming sand. Continue reading “What Is Sand? Composition And Color Of Sand”

Materials Used To Tile A Floor

Materials Used To Tile A Floor

Whenever you decide to do floor tile installation you need the right materials and tools to get an appropriate installation. Integrity of the sub-floor is the main factor to take into account while selecting materials and also the amount of foot traffic in that area. The materials that you need also depend on whether you plan to install floor tile in a wet area like the bathroom or in a dry area like the living room.

When you choose right materials the installation goes smoothly and it will keep the floor tile beautiful for years to come.

  • Selected tile material:

There are endless choices when it comes to tiles like different colors, shapes, sizes and pattern. Continue reading “Materials Used To Tile A Floor”

Fire Sprinklers: How do they work?

Fire Sprinklers

Having a fire fighting service is extremely important these days in offices and residential buildings as well. Our homes and offices have gadgets that can cause some challenges to our lives. So, its imperative to have a fire fighting system. Today, we talk about the sprinkler system which is the most useful tool in a firefighting arsenal.

Today’s modern systems have been shown to reduce deaths and property loss by around 65%. They are advanced and appropriate tools to protect our lives. Thus, fire sprinklers are surely the system that you would want for your property. Thus, for this reason we discuss about how fire sprinklers work? We look at how commercial fire sprinklers help save your company from a huge loss. Continue reading “Fire Sprinklers: How do they work?”

Elements of Smart Architecture

Elements of Smart Architecture

Understanding the Influence of Smart Architecture

Smart architecture is popular in today’s architecture world. It implies more than just good design. It combines smart technology with client needs and efficient design.

Internet of Things (IoT) is connecting everyday items to the online network and technological capabilities to empower users. Smart architecture may not be commonly used in our current vocabulary but soon it will become common due to tech-savvy owners demand for digital ecosystem. Continue reading “Elements of Smart Architecture”

Things To Ask Your Home Renovation Contractor

Things To Ask Your Home Renovation Contractor

When you choose a remodeling or renovation contractor it is a vital decision because the entire design and safety of the house is dependent on the quality of work. The team is going to be at your home and you will be paying them a lot to get the work completed. So, it is best to conduct detailed research so that you can pick the right contractor for the job.

Let us go through 5 questions that you should ask before you hire a renovation contractor.

  • Can I visit projects that you have done in the past?

Any renovation contractor who has done work before will have many examples of their past work. You can ask for the addresses of the location or house where the contractor has done work. So that you can witness the quality of work with your own eyes. If you are getting the outdoors done you can visit the location but, if you are getting the interiors of the house done you can ask for pictures/images.

You can ask for references from the contractor. If you call these people you can ask the former clients what they liked about the contractor’s work and if they are satisfied about his work.

  • What is the cost estimate and the time frame to finish the project?

You have to look at the macro-view of the project when you choose the contractor. They don’t need to give a day to day schedule of the project or the execution of the project but you need to have an idea as to how long the project will take to complete.

You also need to know the budget in detail; calculation of each penny that is put into the contract. A professional contractor will have a complete idea of the expenses and the complete cost of the project.

The more details he gives you in the documents, the better it is so that you can discuss with him about where the expenses can be slashed down. An itemized estimate will help to give a thorough picture of the money that will go towards renovation. If you have any questions over any item and the money spent over it you can ask for specifications.

  • Can we make changes to the project? What would be the process for that?

Things would not always go according to the remodeling project or the plan. The construction team will face issues and unforeseen structural challenges. In such a situation the problem needs to be addressed immediately. Construction products or materials can go out of stock or deliveries will not be made. When such issues are faced changes need to be made in the construction, budget and schedule.

So, you should know about the changes made and document it accordingly with the scope of work and prices mentioned in it. This document has to be signed by the contractor and you.

  • Details of the team that will be visiting the home everyday?

The main contractor will not be the person who will be visiting your home every day. His team will be overseeing the work at your home. A carpenter, plumber and project manager will be visiting your home. You should be given a point of contact – someone who can answer your queries regarding the work. You have to know how to get in touch with the team whenever needed.

  • Are you licensed?

The contractor has to have a license and you have a right to ask for it. If the contractor refuses to show it then he doesn’t have it and is not a true professional. So, you should not go ahead with project with him. These documents will protect you because it is a proof that his work has a decent foundation of knowledge and skills.

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Trends In The Construction Industry To Look For In 2020

Trends In The Construction Industry To Look For In 2020

The year 2019 has passed by and we are at the beginning of 2020. Things are changing rapidly and we need to adapt to them. Technology will impact the construction world in a big way this year. It is time we look at trends in the construction industry for the year 2020.

So, let us have a look at the trends in the construction industry for 2020: Continue reading “Trends In The Construction Industry To Look For In 2020”